CADI by DevOps Pro

    Reduce software deployment time from days to minutes
    by Automatic Environment Provision with One Single Click.

The Challenges

  • Deploying code extremely fast
  • Creating new reliable environments promptly
  • Finding errors quickly
  • Handling scale easily
  • Save time learning new practices and finding the right tools
  • Stay focused while creating code without stability issues
  • Meet your market demand faster by reducing knowledge gaps
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by removing recurring tasks

The Solution

  • Automated setup of application environments
  • Stable and scalable flow
  • Visualizing what’s going on in the system
  • Continuous Integration (CI) - High level of credibility with high quality of code
  • Continuous Deployment (CD) - delivering code fast without issues or failures

CADI Setup

The product is a complete out of the box, self-healing continuous deployment, integration and monitoring solution that installs and runs automatically.
  • The tools can be substituted
  • Same manner installation
  • Independent upgrade
  • Best practices custom installation scripts
  • An autoscaled environment handles any expected/unexpected load

For more details on how we helped companies reduce their software deployment time from months to minutes, read our case studies

In fact, we have achieved this solution for our clients, for example, a client with approximately 220 Billion requests per month (or approx. 4,000 requests per second), now releases to production between 50-70 deploys per day with just 16 team members.

Reducing your software deployment time from days to minutes doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

Find out how we can help you improve your production environments and have a stable and scalable flow