Deployment with AWS ElasticBeanstalk

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1 Days

Learning * Discovery * Fun


You will learn how to deploy and scale your web application with AWS Elastic Beanstalk services to optimize your performance.

This training session will teach you how to have a real production environment running a Ruby/Python/PHP/JAVA application that is automatically tested using CircleCI/Codeship/ and deployed to AWS using Elastic Beanstalk, as well as a log aggregation using ELK stack; all automatically scalable and highly available.

You’ll discover ideas that’ll transform your tech work, your applications, and your business.

Don’t you wish you knew what is so beneficial about AWS Elastic Beanstalk?

Well guess what? You can now!

What makes our training different?

Beyond diving into Elastic Beanstalk deployment flow, here’s what makes DevOps Pro training unique:

  1. Highly valuable content
  2. Professional development for Webmasters, Programmers and IT.
  3. Extensive learning enabling growth and adoption of best practices
  4. Cost effective, encouraged, effective method for training employees — Provides the potential to positively impact employee learning and development internally!
  5. Develop the Knowledge and Skills of Your Employees — Enhance and ensure an employee’s exact skills and knowledge that is needed to succeed in their jobs.
  6. An interactive problem solving exercise with game elements — participants are offered to take part in an interactive case study process.

Why Should You Come:

  1. Every aspect of our content is hand-picked and carefully crafted, and ranges from inspiring lessons from seasoned entrepreneurs, to informative how-to sessions, and interactive exercises.
  2. A developer can deploy their applications on AWS without Elastic Beanstalk but that will mean spending time on manually selecting and putting together services from the wide range of choices within AWS eco­system.
    With Elastic Beanstalk, it sets aside the infrastructure layer from the developers and allows them to quickly deploy and manage their applications on AWS.
    We’ll help to reduce the noise of overflowing documentation and information about Elastic Beanstalk and cut to the chase.
    You will be able to set up Elastic Beanstalk to auto­scale your application, based on your parameters such as adding a few servers if the CPU is past 95%.

You will learn:

  • The concepts of Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, AWS, Docker and ELK
  • How to set-up a real production environment
  • How to use AWS services such as Load Balancer (ELB), AutoScaling (ASG), EC2, Block Storage (EBS)
  • How to create CloudFormations template for MySQL and Redis

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