Real Time Monitoring & ELK Log Aggregation

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1 Days

Learning * Discovery * Fun


Learn to increase the visibility of your 10-1000+ running servers and improve the company’s ROI.

This training session covers Monitoring and Log aggregation using ELK stack, configuring ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana to understand how the applications perform, save business KPI’s and present them to management.

You’ll discover ideas that’ll transform your tech work, your applications, and your business.

Don’t you wish you could detect problems before your application gets to end-users?

Well guess what? You found it with ELK monitoring solution!

Take control of the growing amount of data and tools with Monitoring & Log Aggregation. Learn how to be on top of things with the ELK stack. Resolve issues before they reach your customers.

What makes our training different?

Beyond diving into the world of Monitoring & Log Aggregation, here’s what makes DevOps Pro training unique:

  1. Highly valuable content
  2. Professional development for developers & operations people
  3. Extensive learning enabling growth and adoption of best practices
  4. Cost effective, encouraged, effective method for training employees — Provides the potential to positively impact employee learning and development internally!
  5. Develop the Knowledge and Skills of Your Employees — Enhance and ensure an employee’s exact skills and knowledge that is needed to succeed in their jobs.
  6. An interactive problem solving exercise with game elements — participants are offered to take part in an interactive case study process.

Why Should You Come:

  1. Every aspect of our content is hand-picked and carefully crafted, and ranges from inspiring lessons from seasoned entrepreneurs, to informative how-to sessions, and interactive exercises.
  2. Do you want to make your company more productive, competitive and secure? Take a proactive monitoring approach to identify issues, problems and attacks before they impact your customers and services.
    Sometimes it is simple to find the source of a problem, but often it gets worse before it gets better.
    In extreme cases it could take a week just to find out that a tiny configuration issue during a software deployment caused a huge trouble to your business ability to serve the customers.
    Using real-­time monitoring and logs aggregation tools will save you time and money, become effective. You will learn how to build a monitoring and log aggregation system using the ELK stack that keeps an eye on your development to production flow. The alerts you’ll get will help you manage your system, remove obstacles and enable immediate growth

You will learn:

  • How to build and setup your own monitoring system using ELK stack.
  • ElasticSearch terminology and provision AWS Elasticsearch service with Kibana.
  • The power of Logstash and the setup of different plugins: input, output, filter and codec.
  • About configuring Kibana and creating your own dashboards.

Here’s who this event was designed for:

  • Developers
  • Operation people who want to learn how to use ELK stack to get a better visibility of their different running applications.

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